The mythical south. Homeland of the ancient Spartans, the city of Olympia where Olympic games originally took place, the worldwide known ancient amphitheater of Epidaurus and the impressive castle city of Mystras.
Countless kilometers of dreamlike beaches and exotica bays call you to explore them.
Olive groves, orange tree plantations, wine yards and their products promise culinary enjoyment.
Either for round trip or one place stay travels, excursions to the lion doors of Mycenae, to the mountain village of Kalavryta by rack railway or the dripstone cave of Diros by boat, always leaves to you unforgettable impressions.
The castles of Monemvasia and Nafplio are considered as romantic tourist places of Greece.
Finally who has not heard about the Corinth canal, which connects the mainland to the Peloponnese.