The island of knights at the southeast of Greece.
A mixture of different ages compose the mosaic of this island. Many cultures through time left their mark, so it was not without reason that the old town of Rhodes was named from UNESCO as a world cultural heritage monument.
The medieval old town of Rhodes includes constructions such as the Grand master’s palace of the Saint John’s order, the mosque of Suleiman pasha and the square of Hippocrates along many others.
The wonderful Acropolis of Lindos lies in the south and the butterfly valley is an impressive wonder of nature.
Emerald green waters and long sand beaches extend on one of the most visited islands in Europe.
Last but not least, the traditional and picturesque villages with their hospital residents invite you to visit them.
One day excursions to the castle ruins of Kamiros or Monolithos, to the thermal baths of Kallithea or to the neighbor islands Symi, Pserimos and Kos are a “must” for every visitor.